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9992 Main Street
Fairfax, VA

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Served with white rice, substitute fried rice add $0.5

  • .Szechuan Crispy Beef13.95 A very generous portion of deftly wok-fried crispy julienned beef and minglings of carrots and celery.
  • .Sesame Chicken10.95Chicken in general bite sizes, in a glistening glaze of sesame coated sweetness,served on a bed of crispy vermicell
  • .Sizzling Scallops and Beef14.95Choice scallops and tender beef interplay - with vegetables served sizzling in a hot plate
  • .Triple Delight12.95Criss cross between helpings of jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef, and resting between a rainbow of vegetables
  • .Hunan Crispy Shrimp14.95Crispy jumbo shrimps seared with delectable Hunan spiciness garnished with peppers and snow peas.
  • .Crispy Mandarin Scallops(or Shrimp)14.95Plump sea scallops deftly wok-fried to a crispy exterior, trapping in the succulence and delicately heightened with Sichuan peppercorn flavored salt.
  • .Pork with Green Chilies10.95Fresh green chilies and shredded pork are stir-fried with crushed fermented black beans - the hotness will make you levitate
  • .Vegetarian Moo Shu a la Peking9.95 Julienned dry bean curd. wood ears. vermicelli, fresh mushrooms, bean sprouts, capped with an egg. served with 4 pancakes
  • .Gourmet Noodle Soup8.95Shrimp, beef and chicken with noodle in soup
  • .All-in-the-Family Prosperity14.95A sumptuous dish of bountifulness - scallops, shrimp, chicken, beef and roast pork, shrimp, snow peas. water chestnuts, sizzling in a light brown sauce
  • .Grand Seafood Deluxe14.95A grand ensemble of choice jumbo shrimps, plump scallops, crabmeat, dexterously prepared in a colorful desplay of greens
  • .Orange Flavored Shrimp and Scallops14.95Jumbo shrimp and scallops with a subtle bitterness of aromatic dried orange peel.
  • .General Tso's Chicken10.95Chunky and robust cuts braced with that timeless delicious Sichuan multi-flavored spiciness
  • .Yu-Ling Duck (Half)14.95
  • .Peking Duck Whole(For 2) 27.95Bite into the crispy skin sans the fat of the duck and be teased by the tag of fresh green onions buttressed by plum sauce
  • .Orange Flavored Beef13.95Crispy on the outside & tender inside - large pieces of flank steak in myriad-flavored spiciness laced with a subtle bitterness of aromatic dried orange peel.
  • .House Special Chicken10.95Filet of chicken with celery. pepper-cam and straw mushroom in special hot sauce.
  • .General Tso's Shrimp14.95
  • .Sesame Shrimp14.95
  • .Kung Pao Chicken & Shrimp12.95

Hot & Spicy

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