• Pull On closure

  • Style 1 has thick and thin material. Thick aterial=0.65kgs/1.43lbs,Thin material=0.38kgs/0.84lbs.

  • Style 1: It has bottom buttons to be open become a dress.

  • Style 8: The buttom is dress,not pants.Style 32:There are buttons blanket in cuff.

  • Machine Washable Softly

  • Size information: PLS read the size details on Product Description, not the Amazon Size Chart beside the "size option"

  • There are many styles for you to choose. Can wear in spring, summer, autumn for any occasions, travel, holiday, casual, streetwear, work to weekend, party......

    Size Information

    Style-1 (Fit US 6-14): Length:48",Bust:44.8",Hip:59.1",Cuff:18.5"

    Style-2 (Fit US 4-10): Length:53.9",Waist:42.5",Hip:52",Thigh cir:30.7",Cuff:15"

    Style-3 (Fit US 6-14): Length:57.1",Waist:39.4",Hip:48",Thigh cir:23.6",Cuff:17.3"

    Style-4 (Fit US 6-16): Length:36.6",Bust:39.4-55.1",Hem:80.3",Cuff:14.2"

    Style-6 (Fit US 6-12): Length:48.8",Waist:43.3",Hip:55.1",Thigh c:27.6",Cuff:17.3"

    Style-8 (Fit US 6-12): Waist:33.9",Hip:39.4",Hem:51.2"

    Style-13 (Fit US 6-14): Length:51.6",Waist:43.3",Hip:47.2",Cuff:16.5"

    Style-17 (Fit US 4-14): Length:44.4",Bust:44.1",Hip:47.2",Thigh cir:25.1",Cuff:16.5"

    Style-26 (Fit for US 4-14): Length:42.5",Hip48.8",Thigh:33.8"

    Style-27 (Fit for US 4-14):Length:44.4",Waist:44",Hip:48"

    Style-28(Fit for US 4-12): Length:43.3",Waist:45.6",Hip:54.3",Thigh:33.4",Cuff:25.1"

    Style-29(Fit for US 4-14): Length(with straps):55.1",Hip:47.2",Thigh:29.9",Cuff:33.8".

    Style-30(Fit for US 4-12): Length:39.3",Waist:43.3",Hip:48.8",Thigh:19.5",Cuff:19.6".

    Style-31(Fit for US 4-14):Length:55.1",Waist:44",Hip:48.8",Cuff:26.7".

    Style-32(Fit for US 4-14): Length(no trapes):41.7",Hip:51.9",Bust:48",Cuff:17.3",

    Style-33(Fit for US 4-14): Length:44",Waist:43.3",Hip:50",Thigh Cir:33.4",Cuff:24.4".

    Style-34(Fit for US 4-14): Length:45.4",Waist:41.7",Hip:45.6",Cuff:21.2".

    Style-35(Fit for US 4-14): Length:42.5",Waist:58",Hip:61.4",Cuff:17.7".

    Style-36(Fit for US 4-14):Bust:40.5",Length:49.2",Waist:42.5",Cuff:14.1".

    Mordenmiss Women's Rompers Wide Leg Pants Strapless Jumpsuit with Pockets - B012ZNFQKS

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    Mordenmiss Women's Rompers Wide Leg Pants Strapless Jumpsuit with Pockets - B012ZNFQKS

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